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Find our standard Hirth joint and Hirth coupling.

Know more on our standard hirth joint

These products are made by lost wax casting.

We use S235 steel, which allows easy welding. You can find all the technical details on the PDF sheet of each product.

Depending on the applications and quantities consumed we can modify these products according to your requests.

Custom Hirth joint -hirth coupling

If you don’t find in our standard product that you search, we can make it according to your request.
We can send you skectch and drawing. We’ll design you for you and and do calculation.

We can advice you for the perfect material and we’ll provide you sample before production

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Technical sheet

Hirth joint Ø30 Ø6.1-M6

Hirth joint Ø30mm for M6 nut

Hirth joint Ø30 Ø8.1 – M8

Hirth coupling for mechanical connection diameter 30mm

Hirth joint Ø26 Ø6.1-M6

Hirth joint Ø26mm can be welded. Used in medical device, orthopaedic, agriculture or fishing.

Hirth joint Ø20 Ø6.1-M6


Hirth joint Ø26 Double

Hirth joint double 26mm in steel. Can be welded

Hirth joint Ø50 M8-Ø8.2

Hirth joint Ø50mm in steel and threading M8

Orthopaedic Headrest

Orthopaedic Headrest with hirth joint. It can be customized. You can adjust the heardrest easily

Interested by our Hirth joint ou hirth coupling

We can sell in small quantities to test, we could check quality of our product.
We sell our product all around the world.